Tuesday, October 30, 2012



Limiting the color schemes of each card to the original colors of the holiday is the way to go. For example, Valentine’s Day has always been red and pink. So limiting your schemes to include those colors is the best option. The original colors were picked for a reason. :) Layer styles helps make words stand out and object seem 3D so it is a useful tip in creating these new cards. Along with your own custom brushes. From the hearts to the candy corn to the ornaments to the Easter eggs. Custom brushes are the way to go to get the affect you are looking for in an easy to do way. Then the final trick is text placement of the logo of Hallmark gold crown and the actual words of the card. Usually, front and center is good, but in some cases, you want it off to the side to add an effect on the card. Such as the Valentines card. Overall, this new line of gift cards was a fun and simple project. But in the long run, tedious. It Took 3 days to make these cards, but it was well worth the trouble.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fun with Brushes

Brushes. From particals to flowers, its easy to store an image and use ot over and over again with different colors and patterns. Its fun to make things go together, but it can be hard to find the colors that go and to make everything look good. A neat little trick is using the same color but making it brighter or darker depending on the effect you want. But once you get the hang of it, it is very easy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Tigger-A-Roo the New Coo-Ka-Doo!!!

Creepy Magazine features Tigger-A-Roo the new Coo-Ka-Doo. The once cuddly Tigger is now a menacing Cheshire Cat. His plastic surgery was a horrifying transformation and perfect for our magazine. We simple HAD to get him as our feature. Him and all this friends have made our entire issue. They all have their own problems and hideous stories. Making an entire issue was hard however. The color scheme was hard because they colors were either too light or too bright. Nothing looked right so the color alone took the better part of a week to do. But in the end, it turned out right and it make a great magazine.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Tigger the Cheshire Cat

I tend to love making scary things. So, this is no different. I put harmless Tigger as the creepy Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. It turned out pretty well... Clearly. And it was tons of fun. But it was annoying trying to get thr hair the way it is and even then its not the best. But hey, its pretty dang good. :D Im excited for this project. And this is only the beginging!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Names Bond. James Bond.

Today our job was to take an image and make it with words instead of the actual pciture. And I have been obsessed with James Bond lately since the new movie Skyfall is coming out. Yay! So for my birthday I get to go see it and yeah. Obsessed. I made a classic image of James Bond into words. The bullet scene from every movie at the beginning. I found it really fun to do and it turned out pretty good. So I happily present, James Bond 007!!!


I took my senior quote and decided to play around with it today in photoshop. Hehe~ So my senior quote is something I truely believe in. The song Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield describes me perfectly so it wa my senior quote, so I spiced it up a little and had fun with it.

Friday, October 5, 2012


So... Our job today... Well the past 3, was to make a real person into a cartoon. And well.. I chose Eminem. And what better to do than to make him an M&M? It was alot of fun. I really liked this project and had fun doing it. Once I was done with Eminem, I took Rihanna and made her an M&M as well. Then again. I took Nathan Drake from Uncharted and made him into an M&M. It was fun. For trying to make people into round versions of themselves. It can be quite challenging. You might find a great picture and think it will work great, but if they are not facing directly forward, it distors their face in an odd way. But it was a good challenge to have to look around and find one picture of their head than another of their body. But clearly it worked pretty well once you found the right picture to use. Doing this project over, I would have liked more time. It may not look like that long, but one M&M took all day trying to find the picture than distor the body to make it round and still look kinda like them. In the end, I really liked how this turned out. It was fun and I made the celebrities have a party with the original M&Ms to meet who they used to be!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Real Cookie

So Cookie isn't my real name. It is actually one of my characters names. She was based after me and she has a big story to go with her. One of my good friends drew a picture for me of what she though that Cookie looked like. And its really good. The only problem is that it was black and white and dark and hard to see. So I took it and photoshopped it to make it color full. And Cookie loves Fall time with all the colors of the leaves so what better to make the color scheme than Fall? Haha~ So here is my most creative and amazing character, Cookie McNemic.

How to Make It: Case 2


                                                                               Name: Klare Ping
Age: 23
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Light Brown


Klare Ping is a troubled girl who has a lot of stress in her life. And her pimples are not helping the problem. So to help her out we managed to get her face free and clear. Now smooth, and add a slight tan. Add some color to the eyes and lips. And now you have the refreshed Klare!

How to Make It: Case 1


Name: Jenny Klore
Age: 28
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Brown


Face uneven and unwanted freckles, Jenny Klore wanted to get rid of it. From the discoloration we took her and made her face smooth and glowing. Her lips are fuller and full of color. Her eyes have been brought out and stand out. She is now modeling and enjoys life.